precision behavior change

Our mission at Motiv8 is to help people make changes in their lives that improve their health.
There are many approaches to healthy behavior change out there – wearables, apps, diets, programs, and coaches – all of which claim to improve people’s health.
But if something worked for everyone, we’d all be doing it.
By understanding what makes you unique, we use data science to select the most effective research-validated approach to support you in your health journey.  Our app Vivace, powered by our Precision Behavior Change Platform, delivers support personalized for you.

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Vivace is a personal coach in your pocket.

Our first app Vivace is an iPhone app that helps you increase your physical activity.

Nothing works for everyone. Behavior change is an intensely personal journey.
We choose and deliver the best approach to getting more active based on what makes you unique.


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Join us on our journey to improve millions of people’s health
We are seeking volunteers with iPhones for our 8-week “My Steps 2 Health” research program. Can you join us in our mission to create a breakthrough approach to improving people’s health? It will only take a few minutes of your time per day after you fill out a series of survey questionnaires. No fussy clinical visits. Earn tickets for Amazon gift card drawings.