We are all unique!
One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to making healthy changes. Our app Vivace delivers support tailored to who you are and how you’re doing.

Pick Your Program
This first version of Vivace has 2 different program to help you get more active. Which one will Motiv8 you more?
Goals and Planning
Once a week you’ll set your own daily and weekly goals, and Vivace will help you with reminders and progress tracking.
Daily, Workweek, and Weekend challenges you can join. Vivace will match you with other users at similar step count levels.
Smart Nudges
Most apps bother you with repetitive reminders based on their own schedule. Vivace sends you nudges, not nags, based on the program you’ve selected.
Join us on our journey to improve millions of people’s health
We are seeking volunteers for our 8-week “My Steps 2 Health” program. Can you join us in our mission to create a breakthrough approach to improving people’s health?