Our mission at Motiv8 is to help people make changes in their lives that improve their health. We focus on people who live with or are at risk for developing chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, among many others.


Today in the United States over 30 million people have Type 2 Diabetes, over 84 million have Prediabetes, over 103 million have high blood pressure, almost 40% of adults (95 million) are obese and 70% (167 million) are overweight. Increasing our physical activity and eating healthier meals are key to improving the lives of those living with these conditions.


We know that nothing works for everyone – our ability to help people change their behavior varies from person to person because behavior change is an intensely personal journey. At Motiv8, we believe we can help choose and deliver the best approach to changing behavior based on what makes each of us unique. We have a large collection of approaches to choose from based on the latest research in the field. We call our approach “Precision Behavior Change”.


We are seeking volunteers to participate in a research study of the “My Steps 2 Health” program. The goal of our 8-week “My Steps 2 Health” program is to understand how each of 3 different (already validated) approaches to behavior change differs in impact depending on people’s individual traits. Our first healthy behavior change is physical activity, using the built-in step counting capabilities of the iPhone (Android support is coming later), as well as any step tracker that works with Apple HealthKit.


We are seeking adult iPhone users willing to complete a survey and use our application Vivace for 8 weeks. You do not need to be diagnosed with a chronic disease, although we especially welcome you if you have been. No in-person clinic visits are required, and all personal data will be kept strictly private and secure. All participants will receive a $10 Amazon gift card for participation in the study. In addition, we will be conducting raffle drawings every week for 2 Amazon gift cards worth $50, as well as a final drawing for 3 gift cards worth $500. Click here for the raffle rules. Or you can ask us to donate the same amount to American Diabetes Association or the American Heart Association.


See if you can get more active – and help us help others get more active – by participating in My Steps 2 Health.



If you have any questions, please email us at info@motiv8.health. Copyright © 2019 Motiv8 Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.